So …… America!

From Atlanta to New York I’ll be giving you my perspective on the USA and the creative industry … More So …… America!



I am doing comic books in a country without a comic industry, without a comic market, without corporates supporting the industry, and with a sea of artists who believe they aren’t good enough to do it.

More Passion

Unleash the comics!

2015 has started with such a bang.  This year I have dedicated myself to pursuing my core passions – comics and animation.  This is not without risk, it means I leave my bread and butter being my graphic design work.  It’s hard to turn your back on the tried and trusted world of design when … More Unleash the comics!

Busy busy busy

Ok so I have fully ventured into the world of freelance art and I must say it is a big world.  I realized early that you can quickly disqualify yourself when you look at the magnificent work on Behance, Artstation, PeoplePerHour, Microlancer and all the other ones.  Coming from Zim you rarely get to rub … More Busy busy busy

10 Productivity tips

I do a bit of work on PeoplePerHour (PPH) and this came up on their blog.  Have a read its great stuff for artists out there. 10 Productivity Lessons From Successful Entrepreneurs n between juggling clients, pitching for new work, updating your portfolios, taking meetings, not to mention having a social life, it can sometimes … More 10 Productivity tips