Busy busy busy

Ok so I have fully ventured into the world of freelance art and I must say it is a big world.  I realized early that you can quickly disqualify yourself when you look at the magnificent work on Behance, Artstation, PeoplePerHour, Microlancer and all the other ones.  Coming from Zim you rarely get to rub shoulders with highly experienced artists.  Talented ones yes, but not very expaerienced because up until recently we have been very isolated from participating in the global art industry (that’s another discussion).  So you shy awary from posting your work or bidding for jobs you see more experienced players going for.  This is not good at all.  I listened to a livestream by Artgerm on how to build your fan base ( http://new.livestream.com/stanleyartgermlau/artchat )  and he recommended just putting your stuff out there and growing with your audience.  That is what I am doing, focusing on the end result of where I want to be artistically in a years time and not minding the journey so much.

Below are some recent illustrations I have done over the last month on Fiverr and PPH, learning as I go from websites and youtube.  I find it’s a bit difficult to sit down and do my own work and I have had some discouraging experiences with clients but overall I’m loving doing what I love, illustration and animation.

55c29347bef44ce02f35375b221173d7 Goanna CROC colour HEN final Dragon colour Zachonia colour 1


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