Passion is the fire that drives creativity, it is the first output of bold hope, it is the fuel of dreams realized and goals executed.

Passion is the energy of purpose .
I began my journey in grade 7 where I created my first full color comic book. God spoke to me and gave me the plan. In form 1 I registered my first company Mak Comics – because I believed in my identity and the strength of my own name.
From then till now I have done the same thing, the one thing, pursued my dream to inspire young people to do their best and pursue their own dreams.
I am doing comic books in a country without a comic industry, without a comic market, without corporates supporting the industry, and with a sea of artists who believe they aren’t good enough to do it.
Passion overcomes the all odds.
Without it you will listen to the fear.
The fear of ‘I’m in the wrong place’
The fear of ‘I don’t have the means’
The fear of ‘ I don’t know how’
Passion is one of the most valuable resources you must nurture because without it you will run dry.
So how do you nurture it?
  1. Think about it. You must take time to discover that fire that catalysis action. My clue: it’s that thing that makes too energetic to sleep
  2. Link your passion to your day to day activities. You are your dreams first ambassador. Represent it EVERYWHERE!
  3. Lastly, follow it down the rabbit hole. Like in Matrix your passion inevitably leads to a life where you will express your greatest ability. You can’t imagine  it, like how I could not imagine that drawing comics would take me to America. It’s scary to be doing things alone, to take the red pill.  but you won’t be alone for long and your light will lead the way for the heroes of the future because you followed your passion

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